Water is the element of emotions, subconscious, dreams, purification, change, cleansing, rebirth and transmutation. Herbs associated with water and water magic: Apple, chamomile, cypress, ivy, meadowsweet, rose, & willow, to name a few.

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I know I don’t post on here very often… but I am posting right now to ask for some help.

Right now my mom and I are caught in a very abusive situation. My step dad has pushed her friends away from day one, moved us away, told my mom that no one is allowed over, to isolate us. He steals petty cash, he stole my mom’s pain medication, repeatedly (my mom now has been told the nerves in her legs are dying, she is in a lot of pain and she has to worry about him stealing her pills). He is in fact a drug addict, he also sells his own pain medicine, to buy what I’m not sure to this day but it has to be another type of drug. He goes through horrible behavior shifts, from kissing up to us one day, to screaming at us that we are lazy trash and threatening us to get out, but always vague threats.

He has done online shopping repeatedly, he’ll get an item, then sell it for less than half of what it was even worth, then call the company and claim that the charges were not his, until they remove the charge. He’s done this repeatedly, he’s also done the same to a phone company to make them give him more minutes. What he does on his phone I’ll never know but he consumed over 6000 minutes we had saved when we added him to our plan, all in one month. Then he refused to pay his cell phone bill, so my mom took him off. Right now we know he’s done drug deals on his phone, and that he likely has a girlfriend he is in contact with… he always sneaks out early in the morning to talk to someone, and he’s repeatedly accused my mother of cheating on him and even fabricated ridiculous “evidence” that she was because of emails that he sent to her… but that’s a long story.

The bank is currently suing him bc he managed to accumulate close to $500 in debt thanks to him writing bad checks left and right. They will be taking him to court soon and I hope they win but he insists they can’t get a dime out of him. He called my mother’s bank and had another woman pretend to be her, gave them my mom’s social security number and stole $200 from her account into his, which he immediately withdrew. My mother filed a police report to help the bank pursue that… but then they told her they couldn’t because he is her husband.

My mother also recently got a letter in the mail from a debt collection agency informing her that because she did not respond to pay back $560~ dollars she owed them, they would be taking over her balance owed. Of course my mother never had an account with this company… but guess who did! He was bragging about it for months, how he was buying things and had great credit with them… when we got the letter he looked like a cowering dog knowing he’d been caught. My mother is disputing it but I have no idea what the company will do in response, if they will successfully go after him.

Because of these pending lawsuits, and because my mother refused to give him money, he has started screaming at her while I am at work, and threatening her. He called her a whore in front of our neighbors, he told the landlords she was sleeping with strange men (all really ridiculous lies) and I have no doubt he will continue to slander and harass her as we are moving out ASAP and she will be filing for divorce.

He told us that he plans to make our lives a living hell. I am incredibly fearful that he could finally go from just verbal threats and abuse to actually damaging our property or even trying to attack one of us. I’m even afraid he might kill my dog simply out of spite. I have no idea what he could be capable of, especially if he feels like he is losing everything.

Apparently tonight he told my mom, he has people that will be coming around to “take care of us”. I’m sure this is bs because he HAS no friends… but you never know. It’s all very frightening, he repeatedly proves that we have no privacy, no safe space, no one we can turn to, no one who will believe us, no one who will help us.

What I am asking for is, anyone who can, anyone who cares to, please, pray to your respective gods for me. I simply want his lies to be exposed, his criminal activity. I want him to finally, FINALLY have all of his negative shit catch up with him. I am so worried people will believe him over us simply because he yells the loudest and was saying awful things while we just tried to be good people and mind our own business. I want the lawsuits to be successful, I want him to stop weaseling out of all of this destructive behavior. He always gets away with everything, simply by lying about every single little thing. I want it to stop. I want him to be caught in the truth. That is all I want. Truth and justice for us in this situation. So please, if you can, I would really appreciate it.

If anyone has any advice, especially legal advice, that would not go amiss either. If you won’t pray for justice against him, at least keep us in your thoughts for us to be safe, that would also be good. I’m pretty scared right now, I can’t even lie.

Thanks and I hope everyone is having 800% a better time than us right now, haha. sigh.

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dark branches (by just call me jen)

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